Lowest rates for residential/business calls to anywhere.
High quality, fiber optic lines network.
Direct dial to any country, from your home or business phone.
Direct dial from your cellular and/or any other phone using our 800 number at the same low rates.
All calls in USA 3.9 /min.
Same rates 24/7
No monthly fee, no connection charges, no additional fees.
We will help you to switch from your previous long-distance in no time, hassle free.
Toll free services (800-888-877-....) available or we can switch your current toll free with us at a considerably lower rates.
Knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated customer service, who will take care of all your inquiries right away.


Our specials

Serbia 9.9 /min
Serbia  Belgrade 8.9 /min
Montenegro 11.9 /min
Croatia 5.9 /min
Bosnia & Herzegovina 14.9 /min
Slovenia 5.9 /min
Macedonia 13.9 /min
in USA (state to state) 3.9 /min
Canada 4.3 /min
Germany 4.3 /min
UK 4.3 /min
Poland 3.9 /min
The Netherlands 4.3 /min
Australia 4.7 /min
France 4.3 /min
Austria 4.3 /min
Switzerland 4.3 /min
Russia (Moscow) 3.5 /min
Russia 6.9 /min

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